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eVanguards - fortifying networks against intruders

Meetings. Deadlines. Sales calls. Brainstorming. Putting out fires. Strategy sessions.

Your days are busy enough without having to worry about the possibility of having your intellectual property being stolen.

Or having a malicious virus bring your network to its knees.
Or having your organization's Website hacked.
Or having your telecommuters denied access to your network.
Or having your email server so clogged with spam that it's not serving anything anymore.

eVanguards can identify risks and weaknesses in your networking environment, assess your overall security posture and gauge the overall strength and integrity of your architecture and processes, all from an outside perspective.

Our objective is to grant your organization a clean bill of health in the not-always-so-healthy cyber environment.

eVanguards can help you ensure the security and continuity of your network, allowing YOU the peace of mind to continue ensuring the success of your organization.