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Firewall Installation and Configuration
Network Design / Redesign
Network / System Vulnerability Assessment
Independent Project Verification Services
Security Policy Review
Staff Augmentation

Network Design / Redesign

You determine your needs - we recommend solutions.
Your business network must be secure in order to protect your intellectual property and business assets from intruders, malicious viruses and well meaning internal trouble-shooting.
We can cost effectively assist you in planning your infrastructure design or redesign.

We offer:
~Internal local area network (LAN) design to achieve stability and maintain integrity.
~LAN room design and layout with recommendations for equipment and procurement.
~Interface with vendors for climate control, cabling, security and access control.

We recommend that minimum hardware requirements be equipped with the following solutions / applications:
~Firewall (Perimeter Defense)
~Intrusion / Detection Systems
~Centralized Virus Protection Management
~Centralized Backup Server
`~Monitoring and Alert Systems

The realities of today's business world require secure, reliable and cost effective IT infrastructures. We can help ensure that your network system is able to maintain stability and integrity in the cyber environment.

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